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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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that. it's out of control. >> lou dobbs has complete analysis of president trump's major speech on tax reform. it all begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern on fbn. >> now "risk & reward" starts now. liz: markets around the world are in turmoil over trump's astonishing victory. >> america is crying tonight. >> everybody is crying. >> global investors expected and wanted a hillary clinton presidency. they didn't get it. >> is there a doomsday plan? >> global markets work very quick of donald trump's defeat, sinking in anticipation of a trump presidency. liz: you can put your doomsday plans on hold. put them on ice. dow broke the 23,000 barrier for the first time ever today. closing just shy of it at 22,976 as the dow continues
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record streak ahead since the election. the u.s. stock market gang more than $5.2 trillion. yes trillion dollars in value since trump won. if you had listened to the chicken littles, you would have missed out. there is optimism on main street. tonight an all-star cast to react, economist ben stein, the people's sheriff david clarke and ivana lowell. >> we're going to win so much, you may even get tired of winning! and you'll say please! please! it's too much winning! we can't take it anymore! mr. president, it's too much! and i'll say no, it isn't. we have to keep winning. we have to win more! ♪ celebrate good times, come on ♪ >> makes me laugh every time. welcome to "risk & reward," i'm
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elizabeth macdonald. remember this, paul krugman, he warned the end was nye, it does look like president donald j. trump. the question is when will markets recover? first pass answer is never. we are probably looking at a global recession with no end in sight. i suppose we could get lucky but on economics as everything else, a terrible saying has just happened. and financial columnists for the "new york times" and cnbc anchor said this after trump won -- these dire predictions were more fear than fact. since the election, the dow is breaking milestones at a record pace. it hit 19,000 after the election in november. the dow hitting 20,000 a couple months later in late january and reaching 21,000 in march
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and 22,000 in august. if the dow hits 23,000 tomorrow, 54 trading days since it closed above 22,000 for the first time on august 2nd. that will be the fourth shortest span ever between 1,000 point milestones. to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange to put us in the action. nicole? reporter: right in the action. we have our superstition to keep them in the bag. they won't open the bag until we cross 23,000. we did it. we had the great numbers to show you. obviously, when talking about the election, we were at dow 18,000. back in the 11th, way back in april, 17,000 and change, so we've certainly had a nice run. we closed today. i'm going to take this off for a moment. up 40 points. close to the 23,000 mark. let's look at what got us here, big pictures. these are the biggest winners in terms of points from dow 22,000 to dow 23,000. they all finish lower today,
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boeing, caterpillar, home depot, goldman sachs, 3m. all slightly lower. those five names accounted for 500 dow points and then the names that hit all-time highs. turn those around. looking at names such as johnson & johnson, jpmorgan and also mcdonalds and united health. we saw johnson & johnson and united health with earnings today. earnings season has been pretty great. a lot of the companies beating on top and bottom line. much like what we saw from ibm today after the bell. for the rest of the week we'll watch for the other dow components. american express, procter & gamble, ge, not a dow component but ebay, too. people are feeling optimistic. liz: you are in the thick of the action. good to see you. >> you, too. >> remember the media's dire prediction on election night that the markets faced catastrophic collapse the next day. >> markets around the world are
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in turmoil over trump's astonishing victory. >> u.s. stock markets will open but the global markets were very quick to respond to donald trump's defeat of hillary clinton sinking in anticipation of a trump presidency. >> global investors expected and wanted a hillary clinton presidency, they didn't get it. now you see volatility guys. liz: with me now is economist and author of the capitalist code, it can save your life and make you very rich. look who's here. economist ben stein. good to see you. >> honored as always. liz: ben, katy bar the door, get your wallet, head for the basement, doomsday scenario. you would have missed out on a lot of money, wall street shops like citigroup and barclay's predicted a drop. thoughts are not facts, opinions are not facts. right after brexit what trump did and people thought brexit was going to collapse the markets too, right? >> right, we have a saying in
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one of the programs i'm in, fear is false evidence of appearing real. there was never a basis of a collapse. all the futures were down like crazy. there was no reason for it. the economy was on a strong recovery phase, there was no end to the recovery in sight. mr. trump has not done anything whatsoever to screw up the economy. i am very much a fan of nafta. i hope he doesn't wreck that, but love, love, love the fact he wants to take the gloves off, let the economy grow, let america be america. liz: we saw the video of look at this, a bull running loose in new york city today, or maybe a cow. might be a metaphor for the markets and trump. this is what the media is talking about. ben, you can't see, it we're watching it right now. it's happening. >> i'm watching it on the monitor, watching it on the monitor. liz: ben, go ahead. >> i hope the market doesn't wind up in the same place where
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adam was going to wind up on somebody's big mac plate. we have a president who believes in the free market economy. we have a president who believes that americans will do best if they get the shackles taken off, the hand cuffs taken off, that is a great advantage. i love the fact he has a probative attitude. americas business is business, calvin coolidge said it. let's get our feet off the oxygen food, feeding american business, and let optimism feed into the economy. as long as we can do that, we're going to have a strong economy. liz: ben, get to, this president trump fielding questions to the press in the rose garden. the press could barely contain themselves. take a listen. >> mr. president. mr. president. mr. president. mr. president. mr. president. mr. president. mr. president. >> mr. president, thank you.
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sorry. >> who would you like to call on? >> thank you. >> thank you.. >> mr. president. >> mr. president. >> mr. president. >> thank you, mr. president. >> yes? liz: fox news brit hume saying the press looked bad here. take a listen. >> interesting the way that news conference was run and i'm not sure how much conscious thought went into it, letting it be the free-for-all that it was instead of having a system where you raise your hand and the president calls on those whom he wishes to call, this was wide open, and the result was that ends up leaving the journalists, and i've been in those groups like a pack of jackels and the president looking like the dignified fellow take the questions. that may have played to the president's advantage but certainly took a lot of questions. liz: ben, what do you think? >> i think mr. trump is a guy of many, many faults, very
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inexperienced but optimism means a lot. they used to say about franklin delano roosevelt, second class intelligence, first class personality. i think mr. trump is very high intelligence but special good optimism. i hope and pray he backs off on the protectionism, i pray he does. that with the shackles off, with the shackles about energy off, i think this economy has a long way to run, and frankly, i think it's doing so well that the only tax thing we need to consider is take away the corporate income tax, that should never have been there, taxed directly on the company but i think we're seeing and what's happening is a extraordinary enthusiasm over a guy who's an enthusiastic guy. liz: good point. president trump slamming hillary clinton for defending nfl anthem protests. the president saying that that perspective is why hillary lost. take a listen. >> that's why she lost the election. i mean, honestly, it's that
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thinking, that is the reason she lost the election. when you go down and take a knee or any other way, you're sitting, essentially, for our great national anthem, you are disrespecting our flag and you're disrespecting our country. liz: what do you think, ben? is the president right? is hillary having a tough time reading the nation? >> hillary doesn't really understand america and understands life within a bubble of -- i hate to say this of yale law school grads because i'm one too, people who are pessimistic about america. mr. trump is a billionaire archie bunker but he loves america and that enthusiasm is spread all over the place. mrs. clinton is still very negative about america and very much of a paranoid person in terms of her own behavior. mr. trump, people call him paranoid but he's not, he's extremely optimistic and upbeat
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and our businessman is on our side. i know a lot of businessmen, i do a lot of speaking and they pat me on the back when i'm done, and say look, we're not allowed to say it out loud at our children's school, mr. trump gets what america is about and the democrats don't. liz: what did you mean about archie bunker? >> the guy from all in the family, a these and those kind of guy, not a particularly high class guy but he loved america, and he became the hero when norman lear created the story, he was supposed to be the villain, america loved him and made him the hero. the meathead was supposed to be the hero, instead archie bunker was the hero. america loves america. hillary doesn't understand that, americans love america. they don't want to see it getting dumped on all the time out of the oval office. liz: archie was accused of making racist comments, you didn't mean that, right?
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>> no, no, no, no, archie bunker's racist comments were meant to signify what the middle class was thinking of at the time. nobody approved of racist comments and nobody should have. archie bunker was the hero because he was an enthusiastic american. liz: you have your new book, the capitalist code, you have to buy it, love having you, good to see you. >> always a pleasure, thank you very much. liz: breaking news -- studio chief roy price resigned, according to a company spokeswoman. price put on a leave of absence effective immediately when reports emerged he allegedly sexually harassed amazon tv producer. issa hackett said price made lewd comments and propositioned her promoting the show in 2015. ibm not having a good go of it for years, but stock is up 4% after hours. after big blue released better-than-expected earnings. revenue about a billion dollars more than expected.
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ibm came close to stopping downturn in revenue growth that has lasted for 21 quarters and the didn't manage to do it this time. ibm is trying to fix problems by focusing more on cloud services, mobile apps and security. trevor noah accusing of playing politics. we've got david clarke, the people's sheriff, he's here next to react. new sex assault allegations emerge against harvey weinstein's brother bob, is he the next to fall? harvey weinstein pushed out of the weinstein company. the board accepted his resignation, one of the first accusers is here next. you won't believe what she has to say. we have the latest from the nfl players meeting. a former jacksonville jaguar fan got so mad about the nfl protest, he hired a plane to
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. liz: nfl owners and players meeting in new york city today to seek common ground on the national anthem protests. this, as nfl ratings continue to decline. in week five, fox's doubleheader telecast down 19% versus the same telecast in the same week last year. cbs' single national telecast down 20%. again versus last year. let's take a look at media stock fox, disney closing in the green. sxeebs comcast end in the red. let's bring in connell mcshane in manhattan at the nfl
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meeting. connell, what got done today? did they get anything done? can you spell it out? what was accomplished today? >> no. that's the short answer, liz. two meetings that took place we've been covering today. one is a meeting in midtown manhattan and did have what was described to us afterwards as a productive conversation and agree to meet again with the concerns the players have and the national anthem protests that you alluded to on the other side of it. nothing announced. no deal announced that might affect the protests going forward. now the second meeting, the owners here to talk about the second. we did hear from one of the players, that would be darius butler who plays for the indianapolis colts. here's what he said about the talks? >> it went pretty well. we had good dialogue with the ownership. a lot of players in, there i think it was good. reporter: that's the kind of thing, good dialogue, no major
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announcement. that was earlier. here at the conrad hotel in lower manhattan, the owners are meeting for regular get together, we've seen the owners mingling with each other and walking around the hotel in and out of meetings throughout the day, that's what you expect to see at something like this. who we have not seen so far is the commissioner of the league roger goodell, waiting for a possible meeting whether it's today, tonight or tomorrow in the meetings we'll see. outside the hotel for color on this, i will point out video of earlier in the day of protesters that gathered. they as a group dropped a knee in solidarity with the players and their cause. the treatment of african-americans by police, and then at one point, one of the protesters actually entered the hotel and for a brief moment confronted the cowboys owner jerry jones. so that you might say added to some of the drama surrounding the story. here's the bottom line to answer your first question, the anthem protests are on the agenda, the players and the
5:20 pm
owners met earlier. from what we've been told, there's no mandate expected to be announced that would require the players to stand for the national anthem. what they're working toward is a compromise between both sides. but at this point there is nothing that would prevent the protests from continuing. so status quo. liz: thank you, connell, thought there was going to be a rule change last week. status quo. thank you so much for your time. former fan of the nfl jacksonville jaguars football team is sick and tired of the national anthem protests he. took it a step further. he decided to let everyone know about it. small business owner terry smiley hired a plan to fly a banner reading be american. boycott the jaguars and the nfl. he flew it over the field where the jaguars play. former fan is terry smiley, he joins me now. good to see you, terry. >> thank you, i appreciate you having me on. liz: sounds like you are pretty
5:21 pm
fed up with the players and the league, why? >> i am. i was disgusted when the jaguars took the knee over in london, and then the continual. i think something could have been done early about it, it wasn't, that's epidemic, they're going to continue to protest. if they continue to protest, i'm going to continue to protest. i actually encourage people to protest. you don't have to fly a banner over the stadium. you can turn the tv off. change the channel. boycott these places that are showing the nfl game and we are -- the social media is calling for the boycott on veterans day, which i will be flying the flag, the banner again on the 12th which for the jaguars home game, the day after veterans day. liz: to your point, 120,000 people on facebook support that boycott of the nfl. that's the call that's out on facebook. what has been your reaction to the plane, flying the banner over the stadium. what's been the reaction?
5:22 pm
>> all positive, i've got people calling, getting in touch with me, willing to fly the plane again. i'm going to fly the plane again, i have a contract on it and will be over the stadium for the veterans day weekend, and again, that will be on sunday, it will fly sunday, veterans day is the day before. liz: you know there's been cord cutting. people are watching nfl in different venues, that could be cutting into the ratings as well. but during last month's nfl game in london, several members of the baltimore ravens and the jacksonville jaguars, knelt during "the star-spangled banner" but stood during britain's god save the queen, what does that say what's going in the u.s.? >> there's something wrong. there's a serious problem there. and like i say, they have the right to protest. they don't have the right to protest the national anthem and to kneel during the flag, and that's what the problem is here
5:23 pm
now, and i think that everybody -- i'm asking americans to stick together. i'm representing thousands of people, and i guarantee half the football players feel the same way i do. you see the football player standing, they are ready to get playing ball, that's why i want to be able to get home, kick back, drink a beer and watch football. i won't be watching it until it is taken care of. liz: terry smiley, thank you, come back on the show. >> sure. liz: we have this story for you. disgraced hollywood liberal producer harvey weinstein met with board of directors announcing resignation. it's official. as new sex assault allegations emerge against his brother bob. is he the next to fall? next, one of the first whistle-blowers of harvey weinstein ivana lowell. she warned about harvey weinstein seven years ago. you won't believe what she has to say. that's coming up, don't go away.
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it really scared him out of the markets. his advisor ran the numbers and showed that he wouldn't be able to retire until he was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets- i need to get back on track with my plan." the financial advisor was able to work with this client. he's now on track to retire when he's 65. having someone coach you through it is really the value of a financial advisor.
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. liz: disgraced film producer harvey weinstein officially resigning from the weinstein company today after the board voted to ratify his firing last week. this after more than 30 women have accused him of sexual harassment, even rape. heirs to the guinness fortune who helped run the book unit was one of the first in the country to blow the whistle on harvey weinstein as a predator, that was seven years ago in 2010 memoir. so much so, harvey weinstein threatened to sue her into silence. she also dated weinstein's brother bob. joining me the author of why not say what happened? ivana lowell. good to see you. >> the name of the book should be the social media meme for what's going on with harvey weinstein. >> exactly. i said what happened, and i did. liz: what happened? >> i met harvey in 1989. i was a young actress and had come to new york to make it
5:28 pm
big, and i was disillusioned with the whole acting thing, and i was actually thinking about going back to london and i was introduced to harvey, and he said if you want to learn everything about the movie business, come and work for me. he said come to my office tomorrow morning. i was kind of flattered and interested and thought it would be interesting to go, so i did, i turned up bright and early the next day and he was surrounded by pretty young assistants and they were all kind of tip toeing around him and obviously nervous about him. we had a good conversation, we discussed what i would do and i would work for the literary division, which he wanted to start up. we had lunch, and then we went back up to his office, and he shut the door, and he went behind his desk and he said, do
5:29 pm
you like oral sex? liz: he asked you if you like oral sex? >> he asked me if i like oral sex? liz: what did you do? >> i was so shocked, i thought he was joking or this was some kind of twisted test that he was just voicing upon me. i didn't know what to do, but i knew that some line had been crossed. i didn't know exactly what line it was. i was shocked. liz: then we heard you went home that night and he showed up unannounced at your apartment door. sounds like he may have paid off the doorman to get into your apartment building, right? that's intimidating. >> it was intimidating. i opened the door and he didn't even bother to go to the living room, he went straight into the bedroom and laid down on the bed, and he asked me to give him massage, and by massage, i assumed he meant something more sexual, and i just said
5:30 pm
absolutely not, i declined, and i sat on the chair far away from him, and he just lay there and he ranted about work and business and his brother and how everyone is out to get him, and i was thinking how long am i going to have to put up with him? liz: did he just leave? >> finally. liz: you are the famous poet robert lowell's daughter. he did that to you. this is after sex, lies and videotape. he wasn't that famous, yet. so you wrote the book and then what happened? >> shortly after it was published, i felt the full wrath ever the weinstein company. i had harvey screaming at me making him look like a pervert, and i said yes, so? and everyone knew that harvey was a pervert and sexual predator. we didn't know the full extent.
5:31 pm
and my book i was quite lenient. now given everything else i heard and what happened, should i have come down on him much harder you. >> feel -- sounds like you feel badly about it. it's hard. you are trying to break through and say this is going on and he's threatening to sue you. you dated bob weinstein, now he has sexual harassment allegations, and bob price resigned from amazon. what does behave and think, right? >> exactly. so hypocritical. harvey is a catalyst to tell people what happened. i didn't have social media back
5:32 pm
then, i didn't have facebook or didn't even have a cell phone, so i didn't have a voice, but now women have a voice and with all this, we've got to speak out. i'm so angry and just the magnitude and just so many women now. liz: do you think hollywood has changed forever the way it does business? time and again, hollywood uses bully pulpit to tell the world and america how to think when this is going on behind the scenes, do you think it changes now? >> i really hope so, i really hope so. i think this is giving women the courage to come out and say and tell people and speak and don't be afraid and don't let these bullies get you. i mean, why should we, why? liz: the news is breaking that there's child abuse sex scandals going on in hollywood as well. i'm sure you heard of that as well. >> i didn't hear that, no. liz: there was a ring going on
5:33 pm
in hollywood. that's the news coming out as well. >> oh, my goodness. when will it end? where will it end? liz: so ivana, you're going to continue, right? >> i am absolutely going to continue. i'm going to carry on. i have to. liz: good to see you, ivana lowell. get her book, why not say what happened? that should be the new social media theme on the story. next up, the daily show's trevor noah accusing the gop of calling chicago the most dangerous city to use that against president obama. is trevor noah giving you all the facts about this story? and we have the people's sheriff david clarke here to react. u.s. forces saying isis basically is losing. raqaa has been captured by u.s. forces. it's another one of president trump's promises fulfilled? he is retired lieutenant general tom mcinerney, and he joins me next.
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what if... "people" aren't buying these books online, but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?! hi bill. if that is your real name. it's william actually. hmph! affordable, fast fedex ground. . >> i have a message for the terrorists trying to kill our people, our citizens. trying to hurt the world, but trying to hurt the united states. we will find you. we will destroy you and we will win! >> i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. >> i would just bomb those suckers and, that's right, i'd
5:38 pm
blow up the pipes, i'd blow up every single inch. >> we're going to knock the hell out of isis. we have no choice. we're going to knock the hell out of isis. liz: isis is now losing. u.s.-backed syrian forces fighting isin its mideast say isis has lost control of self-proclaimed capital of raqaa in syria. it was the first city to fall to isis. isis lost other capital, mosul, in july. this as isis lost nearly 90% of territory in syria and lost at least 95% of territory it previously held in iraq. experts say this jihadi group could make a final stand. joining me now, retired assistant vice chief of staff lieutenant general tom mcinerney. welcome, general. >> good to see you, liz. liz: is isis on the verge of collapse? how significant is it, it lost
5:39 pm
raqaa to u.s.-backed forces? >> it is hugely significant. they are retreating into the river valley there is going to be an easier target particularly for air power. the fight for raqaa was a tough one, taking both hospital and the stadium where they did the executions. they, of course, took the famous round about where we killed jihad johnny about a year ago. now the symbol of isis and the caliphate, raqaa is ours, it's finished. so the whole isis thing is over, though some will go covertly into hiding. radical islam is not dead but ought to get the arabs and the muslims to double down. muslims did most of the fighting on the ground. get them to finish off radical islam. use the same rules of engagement that president trump gave the commanders over there. use the same rules of
5:40 pm
engagement in afghanistan. put the nail in the coffin. liz: so it's gotten to the point where women under isis' thumb are removing burkas, so i want to talk about the obama administration strategy. could isis have lost under the obama strategy? just a reminder, this is how president obama talked about isis. >> as we focus on destroying isil, over the top claims that this is world war iii just play into their hands. masses of fighters on the back of pickup trucks, twisted souls plotting in apartments or garages, they pose an enormous danger to civilians, they have to be stopped. but they do not threaten our national existence. liz: what do you think, general? >> pathetic. my goodness. look them with a vengeance like
5:41 pm
president trump said he would do and, in fact, he backed his words up. so that was a pathetic performance by president obama and that whole administration. they micromanaged it to a fare-thee-well so they would slowly, they may have finished it in another ten years the way they were going, but no intent to defeat radical islam and isis decisively and quickly. liz: that's what president trump wants now to wipe out radical islam working with muslims as well, right? >> correct. and we need the muslims to defeat the ideology. where the fatwas coming out of medina? where is the leadership throughout the muslim world? they're there, if we marshall them together. liz: thank you so much, general. we have breaking news coming in. good to see you, general mcinerney, thank you for your service to our country, we
5:42 pm
appreciate you, thank you. next up roger goodell about to possibly make a statement about the nfl players meeting today. we're going to bring that to you when roger goodell comes out. next up, one woman's plan to honor fallen soldier, she wanted to sing the u.s. national anthem aboard a delta flight carrying the soldier's casket but stopped by a flight attendant who told her doing that would violate delta policy. coming up, she is here to talk about it. the daily show's trevor noah accusing the republicans of calling chicago the, quote, most dangerous city in the united states to use it against president obama. we'll show you what he is missing in his argument. the people's sheriff david clarke is going to take that on next.
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. liz: breaking news -- we are getting word that senator john mccain will vote yes on the budget. behaving the way for tax cuts
5:46 pm
and tax reform. senator mccain famously was the no vote against obamacare's repeal and replace. a no vote by senator mccain on the budget may have gotten rid of the entire budget package and stopped tax reform. now senator mccain is voting yes for the budget. >> people call chicago the most dangerous city in america. especially when it's not really true. [cheers and applause] >> does chicago have the most murders? yes, but it's also the third biggest city. i'm not saying that people shouldn't be concerned about murders in chicago. i'm saying it's weird that people in politics, especially on the right, they always point fingers at chicago, and it's weird because there are other cities with higher murder rates. you know, st. louis, baltimore, memphis, cleveland, but no one is like no, don't go to cleveland. when there's shootings, obama is from chicago, when there
5:47 pm
isn't, he's from kenya. now it makes sense. now it makes sense. liz: "the daily show" trevor noah kicking off the week in chicago saying republicans are using chicago's murder rates for political gain. trevor noah appears to be using murder rates per capita. chicago is lower by that measure. this is as crime in chicago continues to worsen. total number of people shot year to date is 3,000, total homicides 565 versus 781 last year. the point conservatives have been making is this, chicago ranks in the top ten for a series of tough gun control laws, including background checks and licensing. with me now former milwaukee county sheriff david clarke, good to see you. >> thanks liz. liz: trevor noah missed this fact, 59 people were killed in chicago in just september alone. that's the exact number of murders for the las vegas
5:48 pm
shooting including the killer. democrats like nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, elizabeth warren decried gun violence, that was after vegas. you don't hear from them after chicago and the other cities, right? >> exactly. you know what they say about statistics, especially when people talk about per capita. the figures lie and liars look, you can put all the cane sugar, the brown sugar, the maple syrup, put sweet'n low and it's going to taste sour. i saw 58 people killed in the great city of chicago in the united states of america, that is ugly no matter how you slice this. they are trying to find a statistic that takes the ugliness off of this. there's a lot of people here whose hands have been in this including barack obama, including rahm emanuel throwing the chicago police department under the bus. the academia with inane social engineering soft on crime
5:49 pm
policies, you have a lenient court system. here's the one common threat that bothers me that we threw all of this including the other cities, st. louis, chicago or detroit and cleveland, black victims, overwhelmingly, black people are slaughtered in the streets in the american cities and the perpetrators are black as well. it is funny -- i don't mean that rhetorically, when one police officer and what is it anomaly in the united states kills a black man, whether armed or not, all of a sudden the town is burned down but these people in these great cities, good people, many of these children, a nine-year-old in the city of chicago can get gunned down, and what do we get out of people like noah and others? yawns. black lives matter? where is the nfl players association, why aren't they in the streets of st. louis? there is nfl team in detroit and cleveland and chicago. where are the players asking
5:50 pm
for calm, if they think this is so simple. think the police are screwing this up and the crazy injustice, why don't they go down to the city of chicago and the other cities and why don't they ask for peace? tell the gangbangers who should be locked up in prison, put the guns down. we hear the grandstanding on the nfl sidelines over the national anthem. this stuff is crazy. liz: sheriff david clarke, we love having you on. thank you so much for having on, appreciate. >> you my pleasure. liz: next up, one woman's plan to honor a fallen soldier singing the u.s. national anthem, that's what she wanted to do a board a delta air lines flight, carrying a soldier's casket. she couldn't do it. she was stopped by a flight attendant saying it would violate delta policy. we have the doctor, she joins me next. copd makes it hard to b. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way."
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. liz: here's nfl commissioner roger goodell on the national anthem protest. >> to work together with our players on issues of social justice. i would tell you that our players are men of great character. they have a very deep understanding and tremendous knowledge of the issues that are going on in all of our communities, and their commitment to addressing these issues is really admirable. and something they think our owners looked at as saying we want to help support you. those are issues that affect us. they're our issues also. we'd like to do it together. the players were very clear about how they felt about these issues and how deeply they felt about these issues in our communities. and i think finally, the players and the owners came to an agreement that these aren't
5:55 pm
really issues that are player issues or owner issues or community issues, they're issues that affect all of us in our communities, and a commitment they wanted to work together to try to address these issues. we do plan to meet again, and plan to meet again soon. we have not set a date for that, but i would expect that to happen in the next two weeks. >> [inaudible] >> we did not ask for that, no. no. we spent today talking about the issues that our players have been trying bring attention to, about issues in our communities to make our communities better. and i think we all agree there is nothing more important than to get back into the communities and make our communities better. that was the entire focus today. reporter: will the nfl protect the players?
5:56 pm
[inaudible]. liz: that's nfl commissioner roger goodell saying do not ask the players for rule change or anything, ask them to stand during the national anthem. the only news is they're going to meet again in two weeks to talk more about the issue. we have a passenger posting a video on facebook saying a delta crew member stopped her from honoring a fallen soldier by singing the national anthem. is she here now? she is here now. dr. gaudry, good to see you. >> hi, liz, how are you? liz: can you tell us what happened? >> well, the pilot came on and when we leveled off and said that after he told us how far we were up in the air and he said that this is a somber flight as well, and we had the
5:57 pm
body of a soldier on board and his best friend was accompanying him back to georgia. liz: and so you wanted to sing the national anthem, right? >> well, i internalized it. i have a 20-year-old son, and i thought it could be my son just as easily, and the soldier was on the plane and they asked us to stay seated so he could get up first and get off the plane to go to the honor guard, and i thought wouldn't it be great when he stood up if we sang to him, and when he was going off the plane, and i thought about it and thought about it, and i was in the back, and i asked the people behind me if they thought that would be okay, and everybody was fine. i kept moving up and asking people, it was all positive, thumbs-up, some people got tearful. i got encouraged as i kept
5:58 pm
moving up the plane, and so there was only two people who were uncomfortable, and i said, okay, no problem, and i sat back down and i never got up again, and as we were descending, one of the flight attendants from up front, i had not seen before knelt down in front of me because i was in the commit seat and there was a lot of room, and said you can't do what you're doing. and i looked at her and she said it's against our company policy, and, you know, i was in shock, and she said it again, and i said, well, i just told all these people that we were going sing, and i said, i'm not going and i said you have to do it. so she got on and said we were
5:59 pm
going to stay in our seats and let him get off. actually it was a beautiful, somber event, and that was the right thing to do at that point while the honor guard was take him off, which was the most of magnificent display of patriotism i have ever seen. liz: it doesn't look like you were look for attention. delta airlines confirmed they do not have a policy that stops people from singing if the national anthem. they said they reached out to you regarding the incident. >> i was called at midnight that night when i got home. he must have apologized 100 times. he said this is not our policy. he said we honor niece boys. and i said to him, it was a beautiful honor, but she told me
6:00 pm
i couldn't sing baits was against policy. liz: thank you so as much for coming on the show. we have charles maine now with making money. charles: the dow tickled that 23,000, taking only 72 days to get there. we are awaiting a keynote speech from president trump next hour. he's expected to address tax reform. president trump and mitch mcconnell reiterating that they are going to get reform done this year. lamar alexander and patty murray reached a deal on healthcare sharing. the window is closing quickly with


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